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Everyone Laughs As Nizami Hanged

At long last on the 11th of May 2016 at exactly 12:10 AM, Amir Motiur Rahman Nizami, prominent leader of Bangladesh’s largest Islamic political part the Jamaat-E-Islami, and guilty of committing crimes against humanity during 1971, was hanged till death. A notorious war criminal, the man was proven to be responsible for acts against humanity in 1971 and was subsequently punished with a death penalty. Backed by Jamaat-E-Islami, he was elected in the 1991 and 2001 parliamentary elections. Responsible for brutally murdering thousands of people during the liberation war, and guilty of committing acts of treachery against freedom, many came to know him as “Moti Razakar” or “Moitta Razakar”.

Nizami was quite vocal in his support of the Pakistani army, heavily endorsing them through his party’s mouthpiece publications, through mass assemblies, while also provoking them to kill freedom fighters and their supporters in the following way for example, “That day is too distant when the youth of Al-Badr will combine with the armed forces, defeat the Hindu powers and destroy India before victoriously waving the flag of Islam over the world.” Source: Daily Songram, 14th November 1971. During those times he committed a number of inhumane crimes in his own zilla Pabna, including murder, rape, arson, seizing land illegally, looting etc. One by one he tortured several villages like that. Freedom fighter Abdul Quddus of Madhobpur village from the same zilla, had this to say, “I had heard of the plans Motiur’s Al-Badr forces were making to kill freedom fighters and their supporters. And then he murdered 450 people from Baushgari and Demra villagee.”

Mr Kuddus continued saying that, “Motiur ordered the annihilation of every Awami League supporter, alongside destroying the bases of freedom fighters. A day after that assembly, the Al-Badr forces in collaboration with razakars surrounded and set fire to Brislikha village. And later in Pabna, when a 19 year old freedom fighter called Lotif was handed over to Al-Badr in order to be hanged, a group of them slaughtered him with cleavers used for sacrificing cows, pulled his eyes out, and sliced of his genitals before leaving his lifeless body to hang on a tree.”

That is how Motiur snuffed out thousands of people. Those who fell victim to Motiur and his forces’ grisly acts were: Md. Shohrba Ali, Profullo Pramanik, Bhadu Pramanik, Monu Pramanik, Shoshthi Pramanik, Bateshwar Saha, freedo fighter Lotif and 30 of his comrades, Dara, Chaad, Muslem, Akhtar, Kabir. In fact during the war Motiur Rahman personally supervised acts of terror and genocide against Hindus and seized all their wealth. This razakar became a millionaire confiscating money, jewellery and other valued artefacts from well to do Hindu families. That is how he carried out his atrocities over the Bengalis. After the war this razakar fooled everybody and hid himself in Pakistan. But in 1975 after President Zia’s announced the “Razakar Rehabilitation Programme”, the conniving razakar came back to free country and started practicing politics again as the interim Amir of Jamat-E-Islami. To bury all the appalling deeds he’d committed during the liberation war, he chose to practice this heavily religious centric brand of politics, in hope of using religion as a shield should he need to later on.

Further down the road in 1976, under the political encouragement sponsorship of President Zia, and reinvesting the millions of dollars Muslim dominated countries like Saudia Arabia, Iran, Libya had funnelled through, Nizami and his collaborators built the nationwide Islamic institutions known as madrasas. Today these institutions prohibit their students from gaining exposure to the mainstream cultures and norms of our country, so that they never discover the true history of our nation. Those who never wanted freedom, those who never had any respect for our country, are the ones who’ve besmirched it. I hope that each and every razkar is punished this way…!!!!



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