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The Side effects Of Religious Extremism

The Side effects Of Religious Extremism

When it comes to extremism and cults in today’s society, nothing can be as obvious as religious extremism. Religion is one thing that factors into everybody’s lives. Everyone is either religious, or at least knows someone who is, so the ideals of religion can be near and dear to many people’s hearts.

As a result, many people who are religious extremists may not even think that their beliefs are extreme. People are often raised into the religion that they currently have, so the values that they hold dearly and most likely passed down my parents and other loved ones. So when it comes to question those beliefs, many people may think they they are questioning their morals and even families themselves.

This also has a sort of circular logic as well. When you start to become more extreme, you tend to surround yourself with more extreme  people. Because of this, your beliefs are not questioned, and as a result you become more radical in your ideals.

Due to this extremism, many people have done horrible atrocities. Whether it is separating a family in a cult, praying for a sick child instead of getting medical treatment, or committing acts of terrorism in the name of your god, extremism never tends to seek goodness and charity. Many people, such as Islamic and Christian terrorists, have even gone as far as bombing events and buildings that did not adhere to their morality.

The best way to avoid this kind of extremism is to surround yourself with people of different viewpoints. The more your beliefs are questioned, the less you are to become a radical person.


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