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Corruption in Bangladesh Politics and Killing of innocent bloggers

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Today is the day of the holy Jumma prayers. A day of celebrations indeed for Bengali Muslims. And to add to that the momentous achievement of our honorable prime minister and her government on the same day. Following the establishment of the ‘Medina Sanad’ (warrant) there is no other alternative left but to kill bloggers and atheists to protect Islam from harm.

The country has taken another significant leap to convert into Medina. To keep the pious Muslims of Bangladesh happy and to keep the Jamaatis, Hefazatis and the “religious-centric” people at bay while at the same time to ensure that she owns their  votes for the next elections, our honorable prime minister has requested that we do not discuss issues as sensitive as the murder of Niloy Nil amongst ourselves.

It is her that I address directly now, please honorable prime minister, don’t worry! You can carry on serving Islam and its ‘Din’ in peace. If another blogger is chopped down in broad daylight again, your incredibly prodigious and talented law enforcement agencies will keep us busy and make us go round in circles till we lose hope and interest. And don’t forget! You retain the irrevocable support of Bengali Muslims on whatever you do.

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