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Extremism in Islam

Extremism in Islam is a popular topic of discussion, mainly due to the recent upsurge in terrorists attacks done in the name of Islam lately. However, not all of Islam is extremist, so what exactly incorporates the ideals of extremism into Islamic teachings?

The main course of extremism in Islam seems to be directed mainly at non-believers. The main brunt of the anger is more directed at the anti-western ideas than almost anything else. Extremists tend to think that the ideas of the west cannot work with the teachings in the Quran.

Sayyid Qutb was an Islamist extremist who was later executed in Egypt for his resistance against the regime. Before he died, he spread the ideas of anti-western views all across the Arabic world. ”No one is more distant than the Americans from spirituality and piety,” he wrote. He rejected nationalism and democracy, citing them to be western ideas that were incompatible with Islam.

The hatred of the western culture stems from a few things. One was the sexual impurity of the west. Some extremists even considered a church dance to be too promiscuous.

”Every young man took the hand of a young woman. And these were the young men and women who had just been singing their hymns!… The room became a confusion of feet and legs: arms twisted around hips; lips met lips; chests pressed together.” Qutb wrote in disgust.

Another issue is based around the fact that Americans are mostly Christian, and not Muslim. In the eyes of extremists, anyone who is not a Muslim needs to be killed, as they are what are referred to as Infidels.

Extremism of any kind needs to be combated. As it is true, as extremist Islamic teachings are indeed incompatible with west ideals of democracy and equal rights.


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