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Kufri (the act of declining to belief any given religious facet) Book: Women in Islam and Sex

The book was written by internationally recognized Islam researcher, and a man renowned for his abundance of knowledge and punditry in Quran, Hadith and Islamic history, Abul Kashem. The book was supposed to be release in the 2016 Book Fair on behalf of ‘Bo-Deep’ publications. But because it hurt the penises of ‘Banglastan’s’ Muslims and they consequently objected to it, the Madina certified’ government moved to arrest ‘Bo-Deep’ publications’ owner Shamsuzzaha Manik (he hasn’t even been granted bail till today, whereas one of the militants of the Gulshan attack, who was seen by witnesses, roams free), thus delaying the release of the book.

And then Abu Kashem expressed an interest in publishing and uploading a draft of the book in PDF format, on ‘Dhormockery’. Later ‘Noroshundor Manush’ of his own initiative, converted the PDF into a visually pleasing eBook.

Format: PDF

Number of Pages: 292

Size: 3.07 Mega Byte

Download Link (Google Drive):

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