Atheist Chapter

The Extent Of Muhammad’s Knowledge

It will become evident from this section, just how knowledgeable and free of superstition Muhammad really was! The man who believed that through their sight humans can give you the “evil eye”, or believes that Satan defecates in your ears, or the prophet who believes that cow dung and bones are food(!) for imaginary creatures called “Jinns”! The scores of people who believe he is an example to follow, I have nothing but regret to express over you. Oh and don’t go out after dark, because Satan hunts during that time!

Bukhari-7-71-636: Muhammad said: It is true that you may be afflicted by the evil eye. Which is why he forbid anyone to draw “ulkis” (dig).

Muslim-23-5046: Muhammad said: Satan presents himself whenever you do something. In fact he presents himself even when you are having a meal. So if one of you drops any food when eating, make sure you pick it off, clean it as much as possible and eat it. And that is how you should finish your meals. (After your meals) You should lick your fingers. Because he doesn’t know which portion of his food contains barkat.

Muslim-24-5279: Muhammad has said: A bell is Satan’s flute.

Bukhari-4-54-492: There is a mention of a person close to Muhammad, who apparently slept through the night and even till dawn. To that Muhammad said either said that, Satan has defecated into both of the man’s ears, or one of the man’s ears.

Bukhari-4-54-500: Muhammad has said: ‘’immediately after sunset when the night begins, or darkness of the night descends, you should keep your children inside. Because Satan comes out at that time. After a bit of time has passed you may let them leave and then close your doors before continuously reciting Allah’s name over and over again. Turn off all the lamps inside your house and think of Allah, say his name. Close the lids of all your water containers and recite Allah’s name. Clean out all your utensils and think of Allah’s name. Even if something trivial happens, leave it to Him.’

Bukhari-4-54-509: Muhammad said: Yawning is something Satan does. So whenever any of you feel like yawning try your best top contain it. Because whenever you yawn and go “ha”, Satan will laugh at you.

Bukhari-7-69-527: Muhammad said: When it’s the evening, always keep your children inside. Because Stan roams around at that time. But after a bit of time has passed you may release them. And always close your doors. Because Satan cannot open closed doors. And then (after saying Bismillah) you shall close off your mosquito/insect tents and in the name of Allah cover all your water containers. It doesn’t matter what you put on them. And (before sleeping) turn off all your lamps.

Bukhari-4-54-533: Muhammad said: Close off all your containers, your water carriers/containers, close all your doors and keep all your children inside after sunset. Because after that time the Jinns come out and chase anything they can find. And when you go to sleep, turn off all your lamps. Because if you don’t, small mice/rats will poke at and attempt to carry away any fully lit lamp. This might cause a fire, which might consume everyone within the household.

Bukhari-5-58-199: Abdur Rahman said: I asked Mashruk that: On the night when the Jinns were attentively listening to the recitation of the Quran, who had warned the prophet (pbuh) of their presence that night? In response He said, your father Abdullah Ibne Masud told me that a tree gave him the news.

Bukhari-5-58-200: Muhammad was on was walking one day with a container full of water for Wadhu (cleansing before prayers) and Istinza (cleansing the rectum after performing defecation), when suddenly he turned and said, who’s there? I replied,: it is I Abu Huraira. He replied, search for and find me a few stones. I will perform Istinza with them. I stuffed a handful of stones on to the corner of my shirt, and carried them to him. Then I excused myself from him. Once he had finished Istinza, I approached him and asked, can you tell me about cow dung and bones? He replied, “This is what Jinns eat.” A representative group of the Nasibin Jinns came to me, they were good Jinns. They asked me to provide them with food: to which I prayed to Allah, that whenever there is cow dung or bones lying around, let the Jinns find something to eat.



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