Atheist Chapter

Atheism & My Thoughts

For the rest of my life most of my friend & family members will be backing away from and maybe secretly sighing that what I may become. But for that I have no regret. Because I beleive in myself & I am a thinker. I look around the world, i studied a bit of history. Why is mankind always try to destroy themselves? Why they just can’t live along? Why there is so much segregation? The answer is from the Medieval era till today one & only one divisive force working between people is their religion. Then you dig into that & found that the imaginary gods, life after death is created by few powerful yet clever man to control others. There is so much hatred for other believers. They every single one is promoting peace. So How can you have peace when you create the division?

Then another thought is when you born. Nobody is born with a religion. They were teached about it, by their parents, by society. They made you beleive that there is an imaginary gods & there is life after death. But eventually you found out that you rotten out to the ground like any other species. If the god is there why he can’t make everyone equal, yet he is powerful then why he let most people suffer? by diseases or other stuff. Well the answer is there is none, no imaginary God for me, not for any reasonable thinker.

That’s my thought & I am proud to be atheist. As soon as I let my thought to explore , I felt free.

ইয়াজ কাওসার

লেখালেখি করা আমার প্যশন। ভালো লাগে ধর্ম, আশে পাশের মানুষ, সমাজ, সংস্কৃতি, জীবন-যাপন ইত্যাদি নিয়ে লিখতে। বিশ্বাসের দিক থেকে নাস্তিক। সংক্ষেপে বলতে গেলে মানবতাবাদী হয়ে উঠাটাই আমার আদর্শ। আমার ব্লগে আপনাদের সবাইকে স্বাগতম

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