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Terror Attack In London Bridge

The Islamist extremist has attacked in London again. This time the cowards targeted London Bridge, one of the famous bridge on the river of Thames. On June 3 rd 2017 the attack happened. 8 innocent people died and 48 people have fatal injuries. The religion has an Ideology called Jihad. In the Oxford Dictionary, we find two meanings of Jihad. The first meaning is “A struggle or fights against the enemies of Islam”. The second meaning is “The spiritual struggle within oneself against sin”. I am not against any religion, every religion has it’s own time and demography. As an agnostic person, I like to point out the facts those could be supported by the current time and the culture. In the second meaning of Jihad, we found it to be something with a person’s own self, his inner dimension, nothing to do with fighting and killing innocent people. You will find the full report in the link below from Telegraph.



The holy scripture of the Religion of Islam is about 1500 years old. The lifestyle described in the scripture is not fully compatible with the current time. It’s time that people of the faith choose the verses that are compatible with the current time. As we already living in the time of technology and science we have a better understanding about we as human species and our surrounding. For last 50 to 100 years we have some awesome discoveries that will question our knowledge about the world we know or the faith we have to believe in.

Believe is a beautiful thing. For example, if a struggling entrepreneur has a belief that he can accomplish his life goals through hard work and innovation then the believe will work fine for him. But believe could be suicidal too. If love birds have sexual intercourse before marriage then some belief will order the law to prosecute the lovers and throw stones until the woman dies while her body is half buried in the ground. We, humans, are connected in every way. We should embrace love and care for our fellow human beings.

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