Atheist Chapter

Allah’s two-facedness

A proper conversation
-What’s up how are you?
-I asked you how are you, and you answered with ‘all praise goes to Allah’ meaning Alhamdulillah? What sort of decency is that?
-Us Muslims have been taught that everything good happens by Allah’s grace…
-So Allah does not cause bad or unpleasant things to happen?
-No, never. Everything bad and unpleasant people do, the responsibility lies with them.
-But then why is it said that even the leaves of trees do not move without Allah’s permission!
-Of course that is true. But Allah instilled free will into humans when he created them, humans can tap into their consciousness and determine what is right or wrong.
-So in if we talk about Surah Lahab where there are orders to destroy Abu Lahab, where he is cursed, if Abu Lahab had used his free will and his consciousness to accept Islam, would everything in Surah Abu Lahab then turn into a lie? And to save Surah Lahab Allah would never have wanted him to accept Islam right? Which means Allah would not have allowed Abu Lahab to exercise his free will power by any means.
-Allah knew Lahab would never accept Islam, would bring allegiance to the prophet. Do you what is miraculous about the Quran, the Quran said that Lahab will never have faith – and Lahab really never did – and that proves that the verses of Quran are true!
-If I ever decide that I will net let you into my team, I will try and ward you off invariably and for as long as I can. Even if you try and change that I will do something so that you don’t come near me. Because I have already announced that you will never be in my team. If you do my declaration will prove to be false-and that is why Lahab was not given any chances by Muhammad to change his allegiance and bring faith. Nevertheless now let us talk about the first part of what you said, according to you Allah knew that Lahab will never bring Iman (faith). Now you tell me how is it possible to know beforehand about what a person, who has free will, is going to next or the day after? If you now say that Allah had already decided that Lahab will go to hell- then what you said initially proves to be untrue. Allah is responsible for anything unpleasant related to humans.
-Look, Allah knows everything. If I give you some examples you will understand. A class tutor always reserves an opinion about each student in the class. Doesn’t he know them at all, for instance who will receive first class, and who will not even pass? Allah knew that Lahab would not pass as well.
-The comparison made is extremely weak against when it comes something as substantial as God but I will take it and say that, of course a class tutor will have an opinion about the best student in the class and he may well think that the student will achieve first class. But it is not a certainty for that student. He can have a bad exam, he may have to drop out of the exam because of illness. So many students, deemed to be destined for first class, have failed. Teachers would become upset. And they would exclaim in surprise that, I never thought that this person will fail…! According to the reasoning you have provided will Allah sit and watch in amazement as a servant deserving of heaven, instead has to enter hell? Your student-teacher argument has now generated this confusion. Now let me ask you something in return, and give me a straight answer- according to Islam apart from Muslims or in other words those who have brought Iman to Allah and prophet Muhammad, no one else will be allowed entry into heaven. This is the only condition to gaining access to heaven. Only doing the right things will not be enough to gain entry into heaven, you would have to a Muslim believing in Islam. And we all know that Allah created the souls or spirits of humans before he created the Earth. This soul is what he pours into a mother’s womb. And he pours a soul into a Hindu mother’s womb as well, since you claim that there is no God but Allah. Which means that the children of all the Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Jews in this world receive their souls from Allah. Just like he does for Muslim children. Now tell me, if Allah predetermines who will be born in a Muslim household and who will be born in a Kafir’s household, then which of those people will go to heaven because of being a non-Muslim? And why should a soul which enters into a Muslim body, suffice to provide it access to heaven, despite it not having any particular or distinctive qualifications? There is no way that the soul has even a shred of free will here.
-eh…I mean…listen, even if someone is born a Kafir an invitation to join the light is always sent to him. If he accepts that of course he can grasp the chance to get into heaven.
-You and I are Muslims by birth, as such even if we commit several crimes you and I will go to heaven- and if a Hindu person dedicates his life towards the betterment of others he won’t be able to enter heaven but go to hell instead just because he did not accept Islam-isn’t that unfair? You are privileged by birth and he has to wait for an invitation. And since you are claiming that as a human he has free will then there is a fifty-fifty chance he accept the invitation. Then who has plunged him into this uncertainty? Obviously Allah!
-Listen, Allah has not granted humans the depth of knowledge to understand these things. These mysteries have been kept hidden by Allah himself. We should not be thinking about these or trying to understand them.
-Ha ha the fact that these questions and thoughts can evaporate Iman in an instant, was something that the prophet himself understood. Abu Huraira has described a Hadith were he said that, one day when they got into an argument about Takdir (future telling), the prophet joined them and became extremely annoyed and angry at them upon hearing what the fuss was about. He sadi, “Have you been ordered about any of these things, or have I been sent any of these to you. Those who came before you had destroyed themselves after engaging in debates like that. I have decide that, you never engage in arguments like that again” (Tirmizi Ha/2133; Mishkat ha/98, Shonod Hasan.) He really did understand the impending trouble the prophet, what do you think?
-What can I say, it is hard to keep cool when talking to atheist like you! You can’t even understand the simplest of things.
-Nobody has understood till now my friend. You claim that the leaves of trees do not move without Allah’s permission, and then go on to say that humans have been allocated free will and left to their own devices. And again He is deciding who will be born Muslim or Kafir which subsequently decides who will go to heaven and hell! Why are there so many complications friend? It is not permitted to pray for the women who bore prophet Muhammad in her womb-then why was Muhammad born from a Kafir’s belly?
-You atheist are blatant liars! The prophet’s parents were believers of the Ekesshorbadi religion. They were not Kafirs.
-Take this my friend and go on have a look at what Sahi (true) Islamic sources are saying, Abu Huraira described, I have heard the prophet say- I prayed to Allah so that he forgives my mother, but he did not accept it. I asked for permission to visit her grave which he granted. Sahi Muslim, book-4, Hadith-2129.
-actually you atheist are even more disgusting than Kafirs- you sinner!…may Allah grant you salvation, Amin…
-Look at what Surah Younus says- If you Lord had wished it, then everyone in the world would have brought Iman. Would you force someone to become Momin? (Younus:99) What is the meaning of all this my friend? Doesn’t the idea of preaching religion become ridiculous now? Doesn’t it become self-contradictory to pick up a sword and delve into Jihad in a bid to establish Islam?
-I don’t wanna talk to you anymore! You are Feraun, Kafir, Malaun, atheist…! You should be punished according to Islamic laws because of saying things like that about these topics!
-Ha ha ha…and now you’ve returned to your true religion friend…


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