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Rape by student League

The student community across Bangladesh is up in arms against the increasing cases of rape committed by the leaders and members of Chhatra League, the student wing of the ruling Awami League party. Nurul Haq Nur, vice president of Dhaka University Central Students’ Union, is leading the student movement which is being supported by a huge number of students.
Now, the Chhatra League cadres have taken to the street and are threatening the students who are protesting against rape. Two years ago, Chhatra League cadres violently attacked school students while they were on a movement demanding safe roads.
Chhatra League president Al Nahian Khan Joy said: “You often ask, why Chhatraleague activists pick up arms. Chhatra League activists picked up arms also in 1971, during the Liberation War. Shall we sit quietly when the ghosts from Pakistan will keep implementing their agenda here? We cannot do that. We have a clear message towards all Chhatra League leaders and workers that wherever they find the Chhatra Shibir (student wing of the opposition BNP party) men and the rapists, they should beat them up. Pakistani agents have no place in Bangladesh.”
Sanjit Das, president of Chhatra League, Dhaka University unit, is well-known as a foot soldier of Hindutva politics in Bangladesh. Das was even more virulent in this issue.
Addressing the students who are protesting against rape, Das said: “I think you have not forgotten (how you all were beaten up during the safe road movement). Now you need the same sort of treatment again. Your attitude has been extremely audacious against our respectable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. We will trample and crush you at Shahbag, if we find you audacious in the same style again. We are not afraid of the administration or any media outlet.”
This Chhatra League leader is threatening that his organisation will trample and crush the protesters and they are not afraid of anyone. International human rights groups should identify Chhatra League, the student wing of the ruling party of Bangladesh, as a terrorist organisation. The international community should blacklist Chhatra League and should not issue visas to the terrorists and rapists of the organisation.
Manik, a Chhatra League leader, raped over 100 women in Bangladesh, before taking refuge in Italy. To escape public wrath the hardcore criminal fled Bangladesh. He went unpunished for his crimes and lived safely in the European country until his death about a decade ago. The West should be cautious before providing refuge or asylum to such criminals.

Md Asad Uzzaman Khan

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